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Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies are taught by the classroom teacher in the Elementary School.  English Language Arts is the focus of the program, so students have at least two hours of language each day.  At least one hour per day is devoted to the specific instruction of literacy skills.  Mathematics is taught at least one hour each day.  Science and Social Studies are taught in integrated units where students have the opportunity to explore important concepts in the context of real life problems or situations.  Each unit focuses on an important idea from science or social studies; language skills, math skills, technology and the arts are integrated so that students will acquire knowledge and skills at the same time that they are exercising their thinking skills.

An important principle of education at TECCS is learning by doing.  If students learn about something by listening or reading they are likely to forget it.  If they have to use knowledge or a skill in order to complete a project or solve a problem, then that learning will be with them forever.  Therefore, visitors to TECCS will see students working in groups or using concrete materials, building a model or creating a presentation.  They will see students who are active and engaged in learning that has meaning to them.