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Ethics is an integrated focus of each day at The Ethical Community Charter School. Administrators, teachers, and students encourage each other to focus on ethical thinking and discussion when approaching all aspects of our school day and school community.

Students in all grades are challenged to examine the ethical aspects of how individuals and groups live together, whether at school, in our community, or in the world around us.

In Ethics class this examination takes the form of ethical dilemma discussions, role-playing, and community building units. A wide variety of children’s stories and real life scenarios are used as a basis for ethical dilemma discussions and student role-plays. Community building units include projects and discussions on topics including family diversity, kindness, contributing to a community, and ethical dilemmas involving the environment among others. Critical thinking skills, personal responsibility, and empathy are nurtured so that independent ethical problem solving becomes a part of each student.

Community service is an important part of our ethics focus. Each class participates in an ongoing service project at school or in the neighborhood throughout the year. The whole school also participates in many service projects as one community. This includes collections for local after school centers, shelters, and food pantries. It also includes partnerships with neighborhood senior centers, hospitals, and community gardens.

Lastly the TECCS community takes time to recognize ethical behaviors in our school. Students gather in the gym twice a month to celebrate each other in an assembly known as Harambee. During this time the community recognizes individuals who have exemplified ethical actions through honesty, kindness, cooperation, empathy, and self-control. Members of our school also recognize each other in the same spirit using ethics postcards and mailboxes that are in each classroom. Each ethics class begins by checking the mailbox for recognitions and celebrating the reason we are all a part of The Ethical Community Charter School.