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Welcome to Music at TECCS.  In Music students explore the elements of music through singing, playing instruments, listening to, analyzing, and creating a variety of musical compositions and styles.

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Music Class is an important part of TECCS. During Music Class students’ innate musicality is pushed to new understandings and abilities. Students in all grades participate in Music twice per week focusing on singing, instrument play, and musical knowledge. In addition to studying a wide range of music from different times and cultures, students are encouraged to explore the more inventive sides of music including improvisation and composition. Students in all grades are introduced to a new composer each month including frequent listening to famous pieces and songs.


In Kindergarten students are introduced to music making as a group and as individuals. During a unit centered on trains, students learn how to sing as one group, keeping the train on time by starting and ending a song together. In an Autumn Unit friends experience songs that fall down like fall leaves. They also have their first try at the piano and class xylophone set, playing musically down the instruments.   Music is put into the body through movement and percussion instrument play to begin internalizing beat, pitch, and rhythm.

1st Grade:

In 1st Grade students build on the musical fundamentals they learned in Kindergarten. While singing individually and in a group is still a main focus, classroom instrument play also begins to be a more integral part of class. Students learn rhythmic notation while playing xylophones, boom whackers, and bucket drums. Students learn to improvise melodies while singing and playing classroom instruments. During a month long journey around the world, students learn songs and music games from different cultures including Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Australia.

2nd Grade:

In 2nd Grade students continue to explore all of the parts of music as in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Music terminology is used throughout the year, and students are formally introduced to different styles of music including classical, ethnic/folk, and jazz. In a unit introducing the symphony orchestra, students experience all of the instruments of the orchestra, with many orchestral instruments brought to school for hands-on knowledge.

3rd Grade:

In 3rd Grade students become less like music students and more like real musicians. In addition to extensive rhythmic notation reading, students learn how to read pitch notation on a music staff. During a unit centered on recorders (a fond memory of all former 3rd graders no doubt!), rhythm and pitch come together on an individual instrument to make songs. Instrument care is introduced, and students create compositions for solo recorder, recorder ensemble, or mixed ensemble of classroom instruments.