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The Ethical Community Charter School - New York

TECCS is a free public charter school based on a progressive education model and guided by the highest ideals of ethics, service and social justice.

TECCS is a safe and caring community where ethics, service, and social justice are the principles that inform every aspect of school life; where teachers lead and collaborate with students in a culture of rigorous academics and mutual respect; where analytical thinking and creativity are prized; where children become individuals of integrity, insight, autonomy - and socially productive citizens, workers, leaders.

TECCS is the perfect school opportunity for children of families that embrace the ideals of ethics, service, and social justice together with a demanding, well-rounded education of academic studies and the arts.

The parent community is very active in providing social events for families, parent education and service opportunities.  The greater the participation of the parents, the greater potential for the success of their children.

Please click on "Admissions" for more details and an application form.  Limited places still available.  Get your application in immediately!

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